Five Materials to Never Use in Your Bathroom

Some things just aren’t suited for a bathroom. Here are five materials to skip if you’re redoing your bath

1. Wallpaper Unless it’s a half-bath or guest bath that’s seldom used, skip the wallpaper. In a high-steam area wallpaper may start to peel in a few years. In fact, steam is used to strip old wallpaper off walls.

bathroom wallpaper

2. Laminate Flooring Love the look and affordability of laminate flooring? Use it in another room. Water and laminate floors don’t mix. Even tiny amounts of water will seep between the planks, causing them to expand, peel, swell, and lift from the floor.

bathroom laminate

3. Slippery or Glossy Tile or Stone Many ceramic, porcelain, and stone floors will become slippery in wet conditions. The most polished a tile, the more likely it will become slippery when wet. Look for tiles certified to meet slip-resistance standards specified by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

bathroom glossy

4. Wall to Wall Carpet While soft and comfy, carpet isn’t ideal in any bath. Not only is the “ick” factor apparent, especially around the toilet, but mold and mildew can build up, which can cause health issues. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention specifically advises against carpet in bathrooms to avoid exposure to mold. If you really want the cozy touch of carpet in the bath, fluffy bath mats add color and comfort — and can be regularly laundered.

bathroom carpet

5. Yellow Paint When selecting paint colors, remember color will appear more intense on your bathroom walls than it would in moft other rooms, especially if the bath relies heavily on artificial lighting. Also, mirrors multiply the impact of the lighting. Walls tend to reflect and magnify color from other walls. Be especially wary of yellow or colors that contain yellow, even neutrals, as yellow can feel brash in a bathroom. Instead, opt for grays with a hint of green or blue, which can feel spa-like.

yellow bathroom


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