Fireplace Precautions & Tips

Welcome to 2015! The Blanton Realtors team hopes you and yours had a great holiday season and are gearing up for the new year ahead.

We’re going to jump right into it with some tips for keeping your home safe and healthy when utilizing your fireplace.

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  1. Use seasoned hardwood: This tip is two-fold – first, using seasoned hardwood prevents soot build up in your chimney and second, burning other flammable items can be hazardous to breath in. (Note: manufactured logs work well too, just make sure you read the instructions before lighting a fire.)
  2. Keep the hearth “clean and screened”: Ensure that there aren’t any dangerous, important or flammable items in directly in front of the fireplace. Furthermore, if your fireplace has glass doors, make sure you keep them open and always place a screen in front of a burning fire.
  3. Have a fire extinguisher handy: Even if it’s in the next room, having a fire extinguisher near is vital.
  4. Schedule a chimney inspection: Never used the fireplace before or haven’t used it in over a year? It doesn’t hurt to have a certified chimney specialist come by to ensure that the chimney and fireplace are safe for regular use. Click here or here for two local Louisville companies.
  5. Never leave your fire unattended: This may seem like a no-brainer, but it happens a lot more than you would think!

We know it’s still chilly out there so there are plenty of busy fireplaces here in Louisville, so just stick to these simple safety tips and enjoy the warmth of a beautiful (and safe) fire.

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