“Fall Cleaning” & Home Improvements

You always hear folks talk about “spring cleaning” projects, but fall home improvement and cleaning activities are just as important to improving and maintaining the value of your home – not to mention keeping you and your family safe and sound as winter approaches.

Here are some quick and easy home improvements to add to your checklist before the temperatures really take a dip here in Louisville.

  • Clean your gutters and downspouts: An easy fix! Just grab a ladder (safely of course) and ensure that your gutters and downspouts are cleared out. With leaves falling this time of year, these can get clogged quickly, potentially causing roof damage over time.
  • Service your heating system: First things first: new filters should be installed. Then make sure the furnace operates properly before the heating season arrives – give a professional a call before there are any issues with the system (or freezing temps!)
  • Turn off external hoses:  To prevent exterior water pipes from bursting when the weather gets below freezing, turn off the valves to any of your exterior hoses. Run the water until the pipes are empty to make sure all the water is properly drained to prevent frozen/burst pipes down the line. 
  • Practice fireplace safety: If you have a fireplace in your home (even if you don’t use it often), get it cleaned and checked out by a professional. Nests, leaves, animals, and bugs can make your fireplace their home over the summer months so getting the area inspected and cleaned is important before you light that first winter fire.
  • Inspect windows and doors: Check your windows and doors inside and out for leaks and drafts. If needed, caulk cracks or install weather stripping around windows and doors, including the garage door. Replace screens with storm windows and clean them as needed.
  • Garden: You may be scratching your head on this one, but taking care of your garden in the fall maintains your home’s curb appeal both in the fall and winter months as well as prepping it for spring blooming.
    • Fall is the perfect time to divide or move perennials. Remove dead annuals and mulch hardy perennials. Annuals typically die when temperatures drop below freezing. But perennials often appear as though they too have bitten the bullet. Furthermore, the best time to mulch perennials is after the first hard freeze – make sure you don’t cover the crown or center of the plant, because that can lead to rot.

Fall is gorgeous here in Louisville, so make sure you prepare your home accordingly and get out there to enjoy the season! And if you’re considering relocating to Louisville or are debating buying or selling a home here, don’t hesitate to contact Blanton Realtors or check out our current listings.



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