Do 502

Whether you’re relocating to Louisville from another city or you’re a Louisville native through and through, you should know that Louisville, Kentucky has a lot to offer. There’s a new(ish) site that has sprung up that we thought would be a good one to share to our readers: Do502.


The “Do Stuff Network” has guides for fantastic cities like Austin, San Francisco, even Mexico City, and now Louisville has been added to their ever-growing list. Do502 breaks down local Louisville events by date, venue, neighborhood, or event category (i.e., food/drink, music, art, park, karaoke (!) etc). They also do a number of giveaways for exclusive tickets or early access to fun events around town.

One of our favorite features is the breakdown of #HowWeLou by neighborhood – so easy to navigate and find an upcoming Louisville event in your area (or maybe a new area you want to explore). If you’re hoping to get acquainted with Louisville or if you’ve lived here all your life and want to try something new, we urge you to check out Do502 – it’s a great resource for some cool Louisville events.

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